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What is print design & why is it important?

Print designs are digital products created for print media such as business cards and brochures. Confusingly, print design isn’t actually the printing part! Rather, it’s about the design that will be physically printed into one or many different products. 

Despite more and more businesses ‘appearing’ in the online world, print design isn’t going anywhere. And for good reason! Print designs are the basis of what become physical advertisement products, and unlike the digital world, the physical world can’t just disappear.

Print designs when created effectively, are often the things we’re attracted to when least expected, and evoke a meaningful connection. We don’t have the option to just keep scrolling, as is becoming a habit for many people on their mobile devices. 


RLP Digital Services Print Design for Small Businesses
Why Print Designs? Because the physical world is all around us & can't disappear like the web can.

Need print design products to help promote your business?

RLP Digital Services Print Design for Small Businesses
Whatever your print design needs, we've got the right people for the job.

Our Print Design products

Here at RLP Digital Services our print design goal is to create engaging visual communication material to build your brand identity. We create:

We can also assist with other business branding aspects such as colour palettes, and would be happy to discuss your special request design needs. Contact us to discuss your business needs.

While we don’t provide the physical print products, we would be happy to help you source a printing provider. Speak to us today!