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What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about helping search engines like Google and Yahoo, understand your website and content to improve the quality and quantity of website traffic. 

A well-researched and effective SEO marketing strategy should allow organic (not paid) users to readily find your business in the search engine results page (SERP). Our aim is to get your business ranking on the first search results page of Google. Why? Because greater than 70% of internet searchers don’t look past this first page, and if people can’t find you, they can’t become customers. 


RLP Digital Services SEO Marketing for Small Australian Businesses

Is it time to enhance your SEO?

How we optimise your website

Website design and development

1. SEO friendly website design & development

An SEO friendly website design involves an understanding of basic SEO principles. By incorporating SEO as a part of website development, we ensure websites are indexed, acquire more search engine traffic and rank well on the SERPs (search engine results page). This allows your website to become a 24 hour salesperson! Website design and development SEO features include: 

2. Keyword & competition research

Keyword research involves finding and analysing terms that people are typing into search engines like Google, to help inform your marketing strategy. Google ranks websites for content relevance, authority and monthly volume search. If we can understand a users’ intent associated with their search query, this gives us a significant upper hand in terms of ensuring your website provides the solution, is viewed as an authority on the topic, and is generating leads. 

We can also get the upper hand on competitors by researching and identifying what keywords they are ranking highly for in search engines, and designing a content strategy that outranks your competitors. 

Keyword research and competition

3. On-page & off-page optimisation

On-page optimisation is an SEO strategy that is within a website owners’ control, including: 

Off-page optimisation is an SEO strategy that is outside a website owners control, including: