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Website Design & Development

Web design brings together your brand and messaging to create a visually engaging and functional digital product that is accessible to search engines – hello Google! Web development on the other hand is about the software and programming that brings your website to life. 

If you’re looking to market your business online, you will need a professional website – not just one that is engaging to your audience, but one that functions the way google likes to ensure good website speeds and user experience. 

If this sounds to ‘tech’ for you – that’s why we’re here! We handle the tech, so you can get back to business. Better yet, we also offer on-going website maintenance services to ensure your website doesn’t skip a beat.  


Website Design & Maintenance for small businesses
Our websites are built in WordPress, a trusted platform powering over 43% of the world's websites!

Is it time to take your business online?

Small business website maintenance
We keep your website safe and secure from hackers, virsues and malware.

Website maintenance

Here at RLP Digital Services we want to ensure your new website continues to perform and stay up to date. Keeping your website current and maintained can help protect it from hackers and keep it searchable and visible to potential clients.

Under our management your website will receive:

Our web maintenance services also give you access to our web analytics which monitors website traffic to assist with your business marketing strategy. Contact us to discuss a tailored approach.